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Power in Your Dollar!

We are a worker-owned cooperative providing affordable craft & costume materials to the Culture bearer community of New Orleans. When you spend with us, you can rest assured that your hard earned dollars will be recylced back into your community!

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Mardi Gras Indian, or Black Masking Indian, suits can cost thousands of dollars in materials and can weigh over one hundred pounds. They can take up to 6 to 9 months to complete!

When we shop at big box stores, our dollars leave our community almost instantaneously. We are dedicated to taking ownership of our culture back and supporting the culture bearers who have always made New Orleans and traditional festivities great!

Keeping It In The Culture .

We now offer plumes, beads, and more at our  brick and mortar location:

3400 Claiborne Avenue

Stop by and see us today!

Golden carnival mask and colorful beads close-up. Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday symbol.

Mardi Gras Beads

Starting at $55 per Case

Ostrich Plumes

$390 per Pound

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Turkey Feathers

$75 per Pound

About Our Team

We are passionate about fostering spaces for true artistic expression.

Nick Holmes

Nick Holmes was raised in Central City, New Orleans, and is a fervent steward and preservationist of New Orleans's traditional culture. Nick is a youth mentor, a co-op developer  and is a co-founder of Keep It In the Culture Cooperative. 

Diego Pinzon

Diego is a music-tech CEO, Tulane alum, and community organizer. He is passionate about facilitating creative freedom by providing tools to artists. Diego is originally from Colombia and is a co-founder of Keep It In The Culture Cooperative.

Walter Sandifer aka Big Chief Beautiful

Walter Sandifer is the Big Chief of the Beautiful Creole Apache Mardi Gras Indians, a flag boy for the Red, White, and Blue Mardi Gras Indians, was a member a the Creole Wild West and is a native New Orleanian. He is a co-founder of Keep It In The Culture Cooperative and will be celebrating his 30th consecutive year as a Mardi Gras Indian in 2024.